As history reveals, connections are powerful.  You can understand why successful people rely heavily on their most valued connections.

The list is endless on the benefits of connecting with others both personally and professionally.  A referral, a friend, new relevant information. Even longer life!  At the same time, we often do not leverage this rich and valuable resource we already have.

Your Connection Core

We make connections on many levels – background, interests, knowledge, school or activity choices to name a few. Think about who you are connected to, who you rely upon the most and why. This is your connection core – your connection to those you can trust to begin extending your network.


Technology makes connecting even easier and highlights the value of connecting. Today, multiple “connection” applications and websites allow us to locate and reach out to those who might help us open an otherwise closed door. And, chaining from our trusted relationships into their trusted relationships, allows us to extend our reach. 

So, for example, if you’re looking for an internship, a first job, a new job, a promotion or a change of career job, dig deep and connect with everyone you know who could potentially help you on this journey.

Everyone Loves To Help!

Imagine the possibilities. Let others help you “connect” and introduce you to a link you wouldn’t normally.

Here’s checklist to ensure you’re maximizing your connections to create extended connection chains. Do you have:

  • An updated Linkedin profile that is authentic for you
  • Connections with as many people you know
  • Active commenting or “thumbs up” on your account
  • Recommendations from your trusted network
  • Identified your college(s) and engage in alumni groups
  • Present professional organizations of interest
  • Show volunteering activity and support their initiatives
  • Periodic engagement with others who have jobs or interests
  • Outreach for congratulations or support for others

Be proactive when connecting and engaging.  Connect regularly – it’s important as you’re not only making connections, but also building relationships.

Develop your skill to connecting with others – the more likely you’ll be able to use these connections to create positive change in your life.

Connection With Purpose

Remember to connect for than just having another connection. Be sincerely interested in the person and who they are – not for what they can do for you. That’s the secret to building meaningful relationships – you never know when that relationship might matter.

Authentic relationships evolve into trusting relationships and years of unconditional support. Be genuine, be kind, and be a great listener. Engage to get to know them better – learn what makes them tick. Then, when you have a need, you can solicit their support.

How deep are your connection chains? What will you do next to grow your network?