Leadership. If you ask anyone to define the it, answers will rarely be the same, but are likely similar. Consider all your leaders. They have different styles and methods of commanding attention and getting results – some more effectively than others. 

Which leadership qualities do you admire? Think through your own experiences in business and conger up a picture or two of the leaders you admired – what did you admire?  And, think about those who had little or no impact at all – why is that the case?

In today’s ever-changing environment, leaders are challenged at every turn to bring bigger and better results, despite increased competition and shrinking resources. In truth, the leaders who continue to function on the same treadmill year after year, failing to recognize and adapt to change, eventually fall behind. 

Those who consistently set new goals, align their objectives with changing organizational objectives, and focus on achieving measurable results, thrive as leaders. They drive results the company needs and values.

What can you do to adapt and bring strong leadership to your organization despite the many shifts taking place? Here are 10 ideas to move you and your company forward:

  • Set realistic goals and be clear about expected outcomes
  • Develop others so they can get results
  • Challenge current methods regularly to ensure they fuel results
  • Establish predictive measures to know you’re driving results earlier
  • Leverage the strengths of others – capitalize on what they do best
  • Align values, mission and strategic plan with each initiative
  • Don’t settle for complacency – it kills momentum – justify everything
  • Teach staff to regardless of their role
  • Settle for nothing less than positivity in the workplace – attitudes are infectious!
  • Praise and push as necessary – more importantly mindful of boundaries

One universal quality of a strong leader that he or she knows how to focus on the goal while mobilizing resources to do the same. 

If you are an accomplished leader, or even aspire to be a great leader, establish how you evaluate your progress, and how and when you need to adapt. Even the best leaders fall short if they don’t honestly measure their own performance.

Planning on adapting to change – that’s the secret! What do you do to build “adaptivity” into your plans?