We are faced with tough choices throughout our life. Carefully weighing the impact each decision and its full impact helps crystallize a vision and define a future for ourselves. Our choices shape who we are and lay the foundation for who we will become.

Almost always, we carry a seed of doubt when making life-changing decisions. Our questions show us what we fear the most:

  • Will the coveted six-figure income be waiting when my job at home, raising our kids, is done?
  • If I take a year after high school to explore my passions and determine my best course of study, will colleges still engage with my application and its assets?
  • I have a college degree, but will I get a job that really matches my abilities, talents and interests?

As our insecurities and self-doubt grow, they sometimes stand in our way of moving forward.

Change can be hard. Yet, even our everyday choices lead to change – sometimes exciting change. What we fear is the potential impact of change more than change itself.

Understanding how we overcome our insecurities and self-doubt is how we discover entirely new dimensions to our lives that otherwise would have remained dormant. We unfortunately fail to celebrate overcoming our fears and moving beyond our comfort zones, yet therein lies the secret about who we are and what we are personally capable of achieving.

While our personal story may not have full clarity as it unfolds, it is important to take a step back and peel away the layers until we hit the core…the center of who we are, who we want to be, and with whom we want to share our brilliance.

Here’s how:

  • Take the time to assess who you are after you embark on a new journey or transition through a difficult time. How are you different as a person?
  • Inventory what new skills, ideas, passions and talents surfaced from hour hardest decisions. What does that tell you about yourself? 
  • Where can you apply this brilliance to other areas of your life?

Don’t underestimate how understanding your experiences and exploring your choices can show you how your hardest decisions become your greatest assets.