As a middle manager, you need to be the colleague that others rely on to lead, follow and chart the way.  You not only make others stronger, but also help them be the best they can be. 

You be you, and allow others to be authentically themselves. Where do you learn how to do these things? From watching others?  Not likely. The skills you need today are very different than what we needed even 10 years ago.

The Skill You Need

We find there are only four skills you need to develop.  Seriously. Only four.


Our perceptions are the basis upon which we react to and approach others. How much of your past do you drag into  your interactions? How much control do your past interaction control your future interactions? Ever wonder why new employees are so full of insights?  (Yeah, they don’t have corporate baggage…yet.) And, why do those who have been around a while not want to hear new ideas? (They’ve amassed a bunch of corporate baggage that shapes the possibilities they believe.)  Manage your perceptions to improve your control and resilience.


Aligning with the organization is what creates your value … to the organization. Since the organization is how you get rewarded, it’s worth understanding what you need to understand to make sure the organization sees your value, after all, they simply can’t just take your word for it.


Collaboration is more than communication because it delivers results bigger than any one individual. High performing teams master the art of collaborating and produce results that surpass expectations.  It simply takes practice and discipline to achieve.


Effectiveness has a personal importance and organizational importance. And, you can achieve both! There are a handful of methods proven to catapult effectiveness for individuals, teams and organizations.  Each has a specific technique to get past obstacle that generally stand between us and success.  There are five that we find most valuable.

Your Role

Learn the four skill areas not only for yourself, but to help others on your team. Practice them until you’re a role model who masters achieving success while enabling those around you.

In today’s competitive work force, everyone needs to think a step ahead, and managers need to lead the way.  To get ahead today, we all need to

  • See the potential (the value we can create)
  • Understand our role (our potential impact and boundaries)
  • Multiply our impact (motivate others to come along)
  • Ensure we can take credit for the collective success (measure outcomes).

Achieve Success Greater than Yourself

We can, and need, to be ourselves throughout the journey. At the same time, we need to allow others to meet their personal goals and achieve what matters most to them. Take every chance you can to give your attention to each colleague listening for insights that drive them, then use that knowledge to help feed what they need most – to be heard, understood and valued.