Re-entering the workforce after stepping out for some time can be intimidating, frustrating and confusing. Our well-justified resume gaps, or so we thought, have more holes than we ever imagined and are difficult to explain to a hiring manager full of assumptions. 

Even the most seasoned workers struggle to keep pace in today’s dynamic work environments. Global communication, technological advancements, remote work opportunities, and age-related differences, to name a few, all play into the complicated web of change that is rapidly impacting our working world.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you understand this new environment of rapid “change” and can you speak to how you address it?
  • Does your resume or cover letter reflect the creative skills showing you’ve mastered change?
  • Are you prepared to initiate and engage in conversation related to these pressures and how the organization is dealing with it?

If you answered no to any of these questions, consider jumping on the “change” train! It is moving quickly, and falling off or failing to educate yourself could derail you for the long haul.  Every facet of the workplace is affected by this new pace of change, which in turn affects you and everyone around you.

Recognizing how the pace of change affects work culture and your willingness to adapt are key elements to job preparedness. Defining your transferable skills gained during a resume “gap” can highlight your awareness of and insights related to today’s changing work environment. 

The ability to understand individual differences and beliefs has never been more needed.  Being able to navigate conversations, effectively listen to differing styles and opinions, and meet others “where they are” remain vital skills in today’s work culture. 

“People” skills are vital to today’s cultural need of heightened awareness that surrounds each of us. Every connection is powerful. Each contact strengthens the relationship or weakens the link. 

Are you prepared to strengthen your connections? Talk about how you do that?  Dig in! Understand the pace of change, and be the difference you want to see. Don’t just talk about it.